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5/4/20 - Curbside Only Continues...

First off, we hope that you, your family and friends remain healthy and well!

These past 8 weeks have been a roller coaster ride for us, but we are doing fine all in all.  The kindness and generosity shown by our Sewing Friends and Family, old and new have made this bearable. We are truly blessed. 

We've seen it over and over again: Sewists and Quilters will always respond with amazing generosity, assisting any community in crisis. We realized quickly that our products and services would support them in their response to this health crisis and that they in turn would be supporting us during our shut-down. What we never anticipated was the impact that the mask-making movement would have on our operations. Who knew how busy we would be, providing phone and video chat emergency machine assistance? This opens up a whole new level of customer service that we hope to build on and expand into education since the future of classroom gatherings is unclear.

After the intense mask-making effort and the relaxing of health order restrictions, the demands on our service department have skyrocketed. We've decided that metering our service intake allows us to provide the best customer service and turn-around time. For details please click on this link Current Service Details

The logistic of doing business safely has also become more challenging. Being a small business, with a small staff, and operating in a small space we've decided it's best for all to continue with curbside service at least through May 30th. Our reality is this: If anyone of us who is currently working at the shop is exposed to the virus, we would have to shut-down our business completely for at least 2 weeks to quarantine. That would be devastating, financially and emotionally. And it would be unbearable to live with the knowledge that we may have passed it on to any of our customers, many of whom are in the increased vulnerability category. It's clear to us that our relationships, our longevity in the community, our health, and the health of our staff and their families must take top priority. Please call ahead 505-424-3242 to place an order and schedule your pick-up time.

We understand that there certain situations that need more personalized service such as sewing machine shopping, tutoring, gift shopping or thread matching. In these situations, we'd be happy to schedule an appointment 505-424-3242 for in-store shopping. This will most likely be in the afternoon, after fulfilling our curbside orders, so we can give you the attention you deserve.

For the next few weeks,
we are operating on a limited schedule. It is fatiguing to wear a mask all day and being short-staffed we need some dedicated time to clean, manage inventory and service sewing machines. We are "open" Mon, Wed, & Fri 10 - 4 and Sat 10 - 3. We are currently closed on Tue, Thu & Sun.

We appreciate your understanding and patience!