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Sewing Center of Santa Fe

3014 Cielo Court
Santa Fe, NM 87507

Embroidery Aids

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Bear Thread Designs Hoop Grip


Creative Notions Comfort Grips


DIME Bird's Nest Tool Kit


DIME Embroiderer's Big Helper


DIME Embroiderer's Compass

$19.99 $24.99

DIME Embroiderer's Helper


DIME Embroiderer's Helper Bundle


DIME Embroidery Tool Kit


DIME Hoop Guard


DIME Hoop Guard for Snap Hoop


DIME PAL Perfect Alignment Laser


DIME PAL2 Perfect Alignment Laser 2


DIME Perfect Placement Kit


DIME Perfect Placement Kit for Children's Wearables


DIME Print & Stick Target Paper 25 sheets


DIME Replacement Magnets (4)


DIME Target Stickers Pack 250 Roll


DIME USB Flash Drive 2 GB


Hemostat 5.5in Straight


Hugo's Amazing Tape 1/2in x 50ft


Hugo's Amazing Tape 1in x50ft


Hugo's Amazing Tape 2in x50ft


Janome Tweezers Opposable 4.5in


Janome USB Flash Drive 64MB


OESD Alligator Clamps


OESD Button Clips 10/pk


OESD Embroidery Tape Tear Away


OESD Embroidery Tape Wash Away


OESD Expert Point & Press Tool


OESD Loop & Tail Wand


OESD Perfect Embroidery Press Cloth


OESD Tweezers 3in Micro


Sulky Puffy Foam Assorted


Tooltron Tweezer Reverse Action Fine Tip