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Sewing Center of Santa Fe

3014 Cielo Court
Santa Fe, NM 87507

Embroidery Aids

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Bear Thread Designs Hoop Grip


Creative Notions Comfort Grips


DIME Bird's Nest Tool Kit


DIME Embroiderer's Big Helper


DIME Embroiderer's Compass


DIME Embroiderer's Helper


DIME Embroiderer's Helper Bundle


DIME Embroidery Tool Kit


DIME Hoop Guard


DIME Hoop Guard for Snap Hoop


DIME PAL Perfect Alignment Laser


DIME PAL2 Perfect Alignment Laser 2


DIME Perfect Placement Kit


DIME Perfect Placement Kit for Children's Wearables


DIME Print & Stick Target Paper 25 sheets


DIME Replacement Magnets (4)


DIME Target Stickers Pack 250 Roll


DIME USB Flash Drive 2 GB


Hemostat 5.5in Straight


Hugo's Amazing Tape 1/2in x 50ft


Hugo's Amazing Tape 1in x50ft


Hugo's Amazing Tape 2in x50ft


Janome Tweezers Opposable 4.5in


Janome USB Flash Drive 64MB


OESD Alligator Clamps


OESD Button Clips 10/pk


OESD Embroidery Tape Tear Away


OESD Embroidery Tape Wash Away


OESD Expert Point & Press Tool


OESD Loop & Tail Wand


OESD Perfect Embroidery Press Cloth


OESD Tweezers 3in Micro


Sulky Puffy Foam Assorted


Tooltron Tweezer Reverse Action Fine Tip