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Sewing Center of Santa Fe

3014 Cielo Court
Santa Fe, NM 87507

Embroidery Accessories

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Janome AcuFil Quilting Kit MC12000


Janome Bobbin Holder Embroidery CM17


Janome Bobbin Holder Embroidery Yellow Dot


Janome Clothsetter 10000


Janome Clothsetter MC15000/12000/9900/500e


Janome Embroidery Couching Foot 500E


Janome Embroidery Foot P 500e


Janome Essential Hoop (RE18) 140mm x 180mm


Janome Free-Arm Hoop 11000 (FA) 50mm x 50mm


Janome Hat Hoop Insert (RE/B) 140mm x 140mm


Janome Lint Brush SM


Janome Machine Mat


Janome Machine Mat LG


Janome Magnetic Clamp SQ23/GR


Janome Needle Threader


Janome RE28b Hoop


Janome Screwdriver LG


Janome Screwdriver SM


Janome Seam Ripper


Janome Spool Holder LG


Janome Spool Holder Receiving Base


Janome Spool Holder SM


Janome Spool Holders (special)


Janome Spool Stand 2-Spool Universal


Janome Spool Stand 5-Spool Universal


Janome Spring Hoop (F) 110mm x 110mm


Janome Triangle Screwdriver


Janome Yarn Guide