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Sewing Center of Santa Fe

3014 Cielo Court
Santa Fe, NM 87507

Sewing Machine Accessories

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Janome Bobbin Holder FMQ (non-thread cutting)


Janome Bobbin Holder FMQ (thread cutting)


Janome Button Sewing Shank Plate


Janome Circular Attachment (narrow)


Janome Circular Attachment (wide)


Janome Circular Attachment Easy Set


Janome Cloth Guide


Janome Cloth Guide 15000


Janome Cloth Guide Acrylic


Janome Cloth Guide Unit


Janome Darning Plate


Janome Ditch Quilting Guide & Adjustable Guide Set


Janome Even Feed Cover


Janome Fashion & Finishing Kit 9mm


Janome Home Decor Accessory Kit 9mm


Janome Lint Brush SM


Janome Long Quilting Guide Bar Set


Janome Machine Mat


Janome Machine Mat LG


Janome Needle Threader


Janome Optic Magnifier #20 Complete


Janome Optic Magnifier Set


Janome Optic Magnifier Set M7


Janome Professional Grade HP Needle Plate


Janome Quilting Kit 9mm


Janome Screwdriver LG


Janome Screwdriver SM Wide


Janome Seam Ripper


Janome Spool Holder LG


Janome Spool Holder Receiving Base


Janome Spool Holder SM


Janome Spool Holders (special)


Janome Spool Pin Adaptor Cone


Janome Spool Stand 2-Spool Universal


Janome Spool Stand 5-Spool Universal


Janome Straight Stitch Needle Plate - QC Series


Janome Tape Stand


Janome Triangle Screwdriver