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Sewing Center of Santa Fe

3014 Cielo Court
Santa Fe, NM 87507

Industrial Machines

NEEDLES & BOBBINS > Needles & Threaders > Industrial Machines
Please check your manual before purchasing needles. They cannot be returned.
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Groz-Beckert DPx5 Industrial Rnd 100/16


Groz-Beckert DPx5 Industrial Rnd 80/12


Groz-Beckert DPx5 Industrial Rnd 90/14


Organ DBx1 Reg Industrial Rnd 100/16


Organ DBx1 Reg Industrial Rnd 75/11


Organ DBx1 Reg Industrial Rnd 90/14


Organ DPx17 135x17-14 SY3355 Industrial


Organ DPx17 135x17-16 SY3355 Industrial


Organ DPx5 Industrial Rnd 100/12


Schmetz Industrial 135x5 134R DPX5 70/10


Schmetz Industrial 135x5 134R DPx5 80/12